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Library Programs

Library programs are themed according to Virginia and North Carolina Summer Reading Guidelines. Our programs are magical, fun, engaging, laugh-out-loud fun, and they inspire children to READ! The total investment is $325. There is no mileage charge within 50 miles of Virginia Beach and just 40 cents/mile beyond 50 miles. Save $50 per program and split any mileage fees with two same-day programs at nearby libraries. Libraries are provided full color posters to help ensure large audiences. All attending receive full-color themed bookmarks. Rob brings a great sound system, props, puppets and everything needed to perform.

Elementary School Programs

Assembly Size:
Depending on the school, we can present to as many as 150 students sitting on the same level as the presenter. If the performance area is raised, the presentation can be effective for as many as 500 students. Smaller groups are better and allow program customization to reflect skill differences among grade levels.

We recommend that you send an e-mail to the others in your district, region, or on your list server and ask if anyone wants to group with you. This can be a real win-win to reduce travel and related expenses.

The investment is $700 for the full day and $400 for a half day. The full day rate can be split between two schools at no additional charge with presentations at one school in the morning and a different school that afternoon. This allows each school one or two programs. If the programs are at a single school we can present as many as five programs.

An After-School or Evening Program

After-School and Evening Programs are an investment of $325. This is a single program presented after school or early evening. Evening programs are a great way to promote book fairs or award programs and a great program for the PTA/PTO.


Rob Westcott Productions

Rob Westcott Productions can be contacted at:

Rob Westcott Productions, Phone #757-373-5050

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