Catch The Reading Bug!

Rob Westcott presents - A wonderful new and magical reading program for 2017

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Hi Librarian/Summer Reading Program Organizer,

You are invited to host a magical reading program that brings children into the library, inspires children to read, has them laughing like crazy, and has them lining up to check out books.

I’m Rob Westcott, an award-winning family entertainer and educator and Hampton Roads #1 children’s magician.

The 2017 Reading by Design program features popular children’s books, wonderful magic, puppetry and audience participation. Children magically produce Prince Charming – the world’s cutest live bunny! Parents can take a picture of their children holding the top hat with the live bunny. Children receive a tiny magic trick that promotes reading – when they check out a library book.

You can see short videos from one of my library programs by clicking these links.

I am a professional, licensed, insured, have an advanced degree and teaching experience at the elementary school and graduate school levels. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. I look forward to making your summer reading program an amazing success!

Inspiring Children to Read,
Rob Westcott

Rob Westcott Presents . . . .

  • Educational Entertainment that inspires kids to read. Every educational program is a reading program that makes learning fun and introduces kids to numerous books.
  • Outstanding elementary school and library programs that combine magic, puppetry, story-telling and audience participation

Major Themes of Rob’s Educational Assembly Programs

Diversity and Goal Setting: The Arctic Express program. Rob is a train conductor delivering a trainload of fun in a semi-autobiographical story of goal setting. The program presents winter carnivals around the world and their origins. This program is only offered November through January.

Healthy Choices: The Catch the Reading Bug Program: Rob is an explorer out to catch the reading bug. This new program presents the government’s food pyramid that promotes exercise in addition to nutrition. Childhood obesity, the need for regular exercise, sufficient sleep, and nutrition are presented in innovative ways that also teach tolerance and diversity.

History: The Get a ClueProgram: Rob, as Sherlock Holmes with his trusty dog Watson, solves a history mystery that takes us through regional history. Kids learn history even as they follow and gather clues to solve the mystery and find Watson.

Amazing Magic and Fun: The Classic Fun Magic program. Rob, a classic magician in top hat and cape, presents amazing magic that is fast-paced and fun. Sometimes we need a program to reward achievement, or just to have fun, and this is the program that meets those needs.



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